this is a book close to my heart. This will be Alice's second marriage and for some reason she wanted to go back into her past to take a look at the strongest woman in her life..her grandmother. She wanted to take a look at how she coped with a cheating husband without losing her mind. She wanted to look at the source of her strength.She knew cheating was not passed down from one generation to the next. And even though her grandmother was dead somehow needed her approval to remarry. How would she get that approval? that's a part of the mystery. The handsome, and very patient, Andrew Benton didn't care what it took for him to marry Alice, as long as she married him. Go along with this adventure into the past and present where love reigns and sometimes bullshit walks because when you read about Alice's girlfriends relationships you will find it funny.

I have strayed away for a bit from my usual romance genre to write about something that has been bugging me for a while.
For a short period of time I worked in the beauty industry and found out that an enormous amount of young women are being kidnapped and sold as sex slaves. Doing research on this subject troubled me a great deal and although this is a work of fiction it goes into the life of one young woman who was lucky enough to have friends and family who cared enough to turn hell upside down in search of her whereabouts.

Laurie was a very cocky young woman. She was hardly twenty. She knew it all. She didn't need anyone. She was a woman and thought she had street smarts, only, the one person who she thought could never outsmart her, did. Now she was thrown into a world she never thought existed outside of the movies. Thrown into a world of filth and debauchery, she felt lost, alone. Will her survival skills kick in at any time soon? Boy, she hopes so.

the long awaited photo is here. If you loved Angel's Paradise, you have to read through my daughter's eyes. It tells you how the story ends. You'll love it.

My Works

they will fight like hell to be together
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She is fiercely strong and independent. She knows what she wants and goes after it.
He is strong and endearingly handsome. His motives are clear and above reproach. Once he commits himself to something he goes all in, be it love or war.
He is an FBI agent. She is one of the most successful spa owners in Boca Raton.
Their paths takes them in different directions.
They've been apart for more than a year.
Once reunited it's as if they were never apart.
But Peter's return brings big trouble in the form of life or death for Ellie. Caught in the crossfire, Ellie is kidnapped as a result of a case Peter is working on wherein the wife of a man he killed wishes to get her revenge.
The kidnapper is cunning and lethal, but she has never met anyone like Ellie whose patience and cunning will leave her confused and bewildered.
Peter will move heaven and earth to rescue the woman who has his heart in the palm of his hands.

The Upside of Down

The Upside of Down
A fictional romance about love, betrayal and the guts to love again

After giving herself completely to Neophi, Hildi has come into her own as a full witch, ready to fight vampires and demons alike

Immortal Gain
This is the long-awaited sequel to Immortal Kiss
Hotter and Stronger.

The Upside of Down
Romance, interracial

Immortal Kiss
Touched by the gods, cursed by haedes

Immortal Kiss
Hildi, the daughter of Angel and James from Angel's Paradise, is all grown up and facing her own demons. But not without the help of the devastatingly handsom immortal who first contacts her telepathically, and slowly brings her into his world of beautfiful wolves and ugly vampires. Their worlds colide when Hildi's mother is kidnapped and Neophi helps in her rescue, bringing her further into a dangerous world of wolves and vampires.

For a long time he'd waited, through pain and loneliness.

Immortal Kiss
On her twenty-fifth birthday, Hildi from the Rahja Rastafarian tribe had no idea she would receive an out of this world gift from a man she had never met before but one who had waited two hundred years to meet her.
For a long time he'd waited. through pain and loneliness ,Neophi finally met the woman of his dreams.

He sucked a little at her lips and she shivered.
As his tongue slowly entered her mouth it felt like warm, sweet cherry sauce sliding through layers and layers of her skin, making her drunk as dormant desires awoke and raced through her veins screaming for more of him. She liked the feeling going through her and never wanted it to end as she drank from the velvet cup of forbidden sensations, making her knees weak as her heart pounded an eratic rythm, she'd never been kissed like this before.

Cloud Cover
Angela Smith, English teacher and heiress to one of the most prosperous supermarket chains in the San Fernando Valley, isn't exactly looking for love after meetng the dashingly handsome Dr. Martin Richardson.
Martin Richardson has spent years developing his career and had never seemed to have time for romance until Angela appears in his hectic life.
While Angela battles her adoring, but domineering mother about her relationsip with Martin, things start to go wrong. When a long-kept family secret of treachery and betrayal is revealed, mother is pitted against daughter and sister against sister.
As Angela's family comes unglued, Martin finds himself pulled into the chaos while keeping secrets of his own.

Through My Daughter's Eyes
This is a scene from THROUGH MY DAUGHTER'S EYES. Angela looked at his face, at the scars she'd touched not too long ago when he didn't remember who she was, the lips she'd kissed. He was here. This was not her imagination. She reached up and touched his face, fingering a scar. He leaned his cheek into her palm, and suddenly she didn't want to wait. He'd searched for her. Without warning, she threw herself into his arms and hugged him fiercely, then kissed him deeply and breathed in his scent.
She pressed her small frame into him; James's arms quickly went around her and held her as his mouth found hers. she trembled in his arms as she kissed him. when her lips reluctantly left his, she breathed. "God, I've missed you so much."

Ducky Grows Up
A summer to remember

Butterfly Unmasked
Poetry is my first love and it shows through in the pages of Butterfly Unmasked. However, I will not be doing another poetry book.

Through My Daughter's Eyes
Through My Daughter's Eyes follows the lives of Angel, James and their daughter Hildi, the beautiful young lady with red hair and blue-green eyes. Life gets a bit topsy-turvy for the ladies when James's plane goes down in Georgia. The pilot dies, but James's body is missing. Angel is not convinced that he is dead. One thing that James's mother had said to her gave her hope. "They always come back to the mountain to die."

Meanwhile, Hildi at the age of sixteen is about to enter college, and is having nightmares of her abusive biological mother.
Angel is at her wits' end. She has to help her daughter get rid of her night mares, and find her beloved James. She takes Hildi on a mini-vacation to South Beach. She meets a woman by the name of Aster, and listens while this woman who she's never met tell her what to do to find James and help her daughter get rid of her nightmares. Before Aster leaves Angel's side, she gives her an angel pin. when Angel goes to Portland, Jamaica, with Hildi so that her grand parents can help explain things to her, she finds out that Aster, the woman she met for just a few minutes, is the grandchild of Water. If you remember from Angel's Paradise, Water was the one-hundred-year-old woman who Angel loved.

Aster has been dead for more than ten years. Now, Hildi has to say goodbye to the woman she hates- the woman who abused her the first five years of her young life.
While on the mountain, Angel finds out that James is alive and living in Vermont, but they won't tell her where. Of course we all know Angel and her temper. Well, she didn't hold her temper this time, and told them exactly what she thought of them.

After Hildi says goodbye to her dying biological mother, Angel goes to find James, which is not the easiest thing because James is now living in a village much like the one in Jamaica. In a very secluded part of Vermont, on the mountain, is a Rahjah village. Just like the one in Jamaica, you can't just go knock on the door. You have to get permission.

Her best friend and partner Robert does some reconnaissance work.
Angel gets in touch with James's brother and find out some astonishing things. (I'm gonna leave you hanging for a while) Angel leaves New York and goes to Santa Barbara, California to spend some down time with her parents. While walking on the beach guess who she encounters? You guessed it, Aster.
Aster knows that she found out who and what she was. "Are you okay?" Aster asks.
"Yes," Angel replies.
"You're not afraid?" Aster ask.
"No," Angel replies.
I won't leave you hanging for too long but if you want me to tell you more, please send me an email. You have the address.
One love Iah.

The story of a woman filled with grief over the loss of her husband to the war. A story of a woman who finds love in the oddest place; a diner. The Yellow Rose is on Kindle an electronic bookstore at your fingertips.

She was lonely and didn't know it. He was in love with her and knew it. He would save her even thought she didn't think she needed to be saved.

The Yellow Rose
Two years had not lessened the anger and grief Rosalyn felt toward the death of her husband, who'd died in Iraq. No other man could measure up to a dead man, until a professor from Princeton University unknowingly challenged her to let go of her anger. At the risk of incurring her wrath, he was determined to win her heart.
Handsome and shy Professor Leopold Guyzer was living his own lie when he met the beautiful waitress Rosalyn at his favorite diner. With her, eating now took on a whole new meaning. Not even their cultural differences or the threat from a mad woman could stop him from falling deeply in love with Rosalyn.

A Yellow rose would bring them together. Their past would challenge them. they would have to fight for their future.

Angelís Paradise
She was independent, smart, and loved her life, until murder entered her life, turning her world upside down.

Eclectic Madness
A book of poetry

Fantasy Romance

Fiction/ romance suspence
Fiction, romance
Alice Vaze never thought the love affair between her and her husband would ever end, but it did. She'd turned the other cheek one too many times and now she had no more cheek to turn. When she saw him in the arms of another woman that was too much to take. As long as she stayed with him the vision would never fade, so she took her children and left. Moving from New York to Florida, she began a new life. It did not include finding a man so far removed from her husband it was astounding. The very handsome Andrew Benton whom she'd met casually some time ago walked into her life and taught her the true meaning of love, trust, patience and letting go.
Alice knew her marriage was over, even before she saw her husband in the arms of another woman. She did what her grandmother had done, what her mother had done. She turned her head too many times. But this was a new world, new time, new woman. She was not going to fall into that rut and stay there to rot. She took her children and left, promising never to fall in love again. But the heart never listens. And when the very handsome, but troubled English man walks into her life and decides to stay, she notices his kindness and patience. The heart wants what the heart wants.
For the first time, Hildi and Neophi make love, which ends with her death and her rebirth. Not only is she alive in the true sense of the word, but now that she's tasted the physical side of love she cannot get enough of the man who is always willing to please her. Hildi has to make the long trek to the underworld deep beneath Rahjah Mountain, where she battles with son of Haedes and her mother for her soul. Luckily she has a little friend with her. Unknowingly, Mira stows away in Hildi's backpack to help her fight the demons of the underworld.
The gods will not intersede unless they really have to.
First time neophi tries to contact Hildi, she thinks she's going insane. Imagine hearing voices in your head, and the voice does not belong to you.
Fantasy romance
The sexual tension between Hildi and Neophi runs through the entire book. She has no idea that making love with this highly-evolved immortal maybe the death of her.
Paranormal Romance
In a bloody battle between vampires, wolves, immortals and mortals, the two touched and began their journey into a life of unbridled passion and unrelenting danger.
Pamela loves her daughter very much, and when she begins asking of their exiled relatives on the opposite mountain, Pamela drops everything to find out what had happened ten years agao to cause the rift between the two communities. Meeting the dashingly handsome and very imperfect Saul, who'd caused the rift, wasn't the worst thing Pamela had ever done in her life. With saul came danger, and a sexual tension that would have him constantly tripping through her every thought. They were two souls determined to conquer all obstacles to their union, and not even the threat of death can keep Pamela away.
Contemporary Romance
Cloud Cover set in The san Fenando Valley, California is now on Kindle.
With a bottle of evian water and a pack of gum, he walked through her checkout line. He'd been there before. His eyes took in her pouty lips, and her brown eyes, though tired from a long day's work was the sexiest he'd ever seen. "Long day," he said. "something like that," she replied. Before he walked through the door, Angela turned and looked at sex in motion. Thank you mama, she thought.
Ten year old Toni befriends a duck sitting on her eggs when she goes to Miramar Florida with her mother to visit with her aunt for the summer. A tale of girl and duck growing up together.
A compilation of poetry is now on Kindle
A book of poetry that probes the human emotions. A book that tells the truth about love, poverty, strength and infidelity
The long awaited sequel to Angel's Paradise, "Through My Daughter's Eyes" will be released by Genesis Press in December 2007. I will post a cover when I receive one. Hopefully it will be one that fits the story line.
A love story that will break your heart and mend it again. A story of loss, pain and gain. A real love story.
A nineties woman. Strong and successful. Love and children were the last things on this Manhattan psychologist mind.