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She is fiercely strong and independent. She knows what she wants and goes after it.
He is strong and endearingly handsome. His motives are clear and above reproach. Once he commits himself to something he goes all in, be it love or war.
He is an FBI agent. She is one of the most successful spa owners in Boca Raton.
Their paths takes them in different directions.
They've been apart for more than a year.
Once reunited it's as if they were never apart.
But Peter's return brings big trouble in the form of life or death for Ellie. Caught in the crossfire, Ellie is kidnapped as a result of a case Peter is working on wherein the wife of a man he killed wishes to get her revenge.
The kidnapper is cunning and lethal, but she has never met anyone like Ellie whose patience and cunning will leave her confused and bewildered.
Peter will move heaven and earth to rescue the woman who has his heart in the palm of his hands.