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Angel’s Paradise
Release date: May 05

Angel's Paradise was voted Best African American novel by Romantic Times Magazine. (February 2006) Angelique writes a stunning story says Robi of RT. she further says, "this book is fast paced and filled with danger and powerful emotions certain to penetrate readers hearts.
thank you Robi.
This book can be purchased from or any bookstore online or tradiional.

Looking at the beautiful woman in front of him, his breath caught in his throat. He was at a loss for words. He'd only come to this function to see her, and now he was too nervous to speak.
As she gazed at the smooth, clean shaven, face and the salt and pepper twisted locks, she remembered the soft touch of his hands on hers. Her eyes took in every part of his face that had become so much more handsome than when they were together. She could see the maturity in his eyes. Those soft, alluring eyes.Then her eyes rested on his lips. The soft sweet lips that had touched hers so many times, evoking so much passion. she stopped herself. No, no this is madness. She had to hold her ground. In a desperate attempt to steel herself, she knew she had to show him that she was over him. But was she really?
(excerpt from Angel's Paradise)

One Last Kiss

As we say goodbye, I cannot pretend that I thought this would last forever, but you were good for me and to me, oh so long ago. Sometimes.
We could have gone on living the lie but your love faded, it was apparent. Long ago you found someone else and I tried to look the other way. I can't say it doesn't hurt because it does, and it will. Every time I see your face I will always see behind the faded smiles and the searching looks. I always knew and always will know that you are comparing me to her.
The days may be long but I'll find someone else and my life will go on just like yours will.
This is goodbye it seems my friend of so many years of pretence. And although my heart is breaking I truly wish you the best in your new life. Just one last kiss to seal the past. Just one last kiss to seal the heartbreak. In this game only one gets hurt and that one is me.

Angel's Paradise

No one could have stopped Angel from vacationing in beautiful Jamaica, and no one told her that her vacation would become a nightmare when her friend was murdered in cold blood before her very eyes. Shooting the man who murdered her friend, she retreated to the mountains of Portland where she was thrown into unfamiliar territory. All the rules she lived by would be dashed. She became a mother for a five-year old child of a Rastafarian tribe deep into the mountains of Portland.

There she would rethink her entire way of life and learn the true history of her people, by a people who did not believe in violence but who would protect her, a stranger at the risk of their own lives. There she would fall in love again with the man who'd once broken her heart, and in the interim, he would learn as much from her as she would from him.