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Eyes Wide Shut

It's always hard when one goes through changes, doesn't matter what kind.
It's like you're looking but not seeing, running but going nowhere as if you're on a treadmill getting tired but not seeing any results.
Walking and stumbling, not seeing the huge rock in your path, but it's right there mocking you.
If you're angry, it distorst your sight and muddles your brain.
I try to think positive. I try to think that the people I associate with will not someday doublecross me or talk negatively behind my back. LOL, makes you want to shut yourself away from the world or buy an Island where you can escape to like Neo and Hildi in my upcoming paranormal book "Immortal Kiss" I have to tell you, I am having the most fun writing this book; it's filled with sexual tension from start to finish. I will tell you more about it later but I promise, you will enjoy reading it. No pictures to show you yet. Be patient.<--!-->
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