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A good walk

I've started walking almost every morning; main reason, to loose some weight, but I find that when I walk even though I have my ipod stuck to my ear, I think about different things; the book I'm presently working one, the people in my life. I have seven good friends, two are my children. The thing is, I don't want someone to come into my life and tell me they know what's best for me. I'm doing fine. If I ask for advise that's when you should talk and believe me, I'll filter your answer. The bottom line is, if you have someone in your life who constantly tries to tell you what to do, it means there's a respect factor involved; figure it out for yourself. People who tend to give unsoliciated advise has cluttered closets; again, figure it out.
I love you. Have a wonderful day. Always strive to be happy. Money does not make you happy; accomplishing something and making someone else happy is like a shot of adrenaline.
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