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Quitting is never an option

Still trying to find an agent.
I've always said, being an author is one of the loneliest professions, but it's the one I chose. I know there are a lot of people who think creating a novel is a piece of cake. You write, you get lots of money, you become famous. That is far from the truth, at lest for me. Boy... you have no idea how much we have to pay our dues. Finding a publisher is hard. Findng the right publisher is harder. Finding an agent who's not just in it for the money, one who's willing to work with you, one you can trust, is even harder. Most agents, I've noticed, want to work with BEST SELLING AUTHORS.
BEST SELLING AUTHORS either already have an agent or a hard working publisher or both. Where does that leave us?
But here's the thing, quitting is not an option for me because I'm doing what I love to do. I really love to write. In creating a novel(the charactes, the scenery, giving these people voices) I sometimes crack myself up, get goosebumps or cry. But it's life, it's all life. You don't always laugh and I hope to God you don't always cry. Like most autors who put their all in their work, I hope when someone reads my work, they get the same feeling I get when I write because I write for the people who read and enjoy my work.
A BEST SELLING AUTHOR kept sending his manuscripts to publishers and got hundreds of rejections. (here I don't know if he was being dramtic) but anyway, he finally got good news from a publisher, his book was accepted. But from the same publishing house, different editor, he got another response; the book was rejected. Obviously the right hand wasn't paying attention to the left hand. through that work he became a BEST SELLING AUTHOR. I guess the moral of the story is, not everyone will like your work or as the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure. One person cannot speak for thousands of people. Stephenie Meyer broke all the rules with her best selling Twilight Saga, but the important thing is, her work was accepted. In the real world, when it comes to feelings of the heart, there are no rules. The heart wants to do what the heart wants to do. We can love two people at the same time, it just depends on how deep we love both. My favorite movie of all time is Sabrina with, Harrison Ford. (saw the first one, didn't like it but many people did) they said it was his worse film. I loved the characters, loved the entire story. Our taste and appreciation for different things is what make us so unique and wonderful.
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