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Keep on trucking

Hug someone you like. I mean lay your head on their shoulder hug. And see how it makes you feel. You really have to like the person though.
Okay, so today I'm very jazzed which I can't say for everyday. But I now have three books on Kindle and guess what, I am actually getting paid and it feels good. CLOUD COVER, THE YELLOW ROSE AND BUTTERFLY UNMASKED.
So here's an update to what I am currently doing. I am still working on that Immortal book Immortal Kiss and its sequel. Actually, I'm still searching for a publisher. One more rejection and Hi Ho to Kindle I go. I like seeing my books on a physical book shelf but lets face it. ebooks are dominating the world and I do mean the world. Your book on ebook and you are in countries you may never physically experience. It's so convenient to pick up Kindle or Nook and start reading instead of getting into your car, drive to the store, search for a book, stand in line (i hate that) pay for it and get back in your car, drive home. etc, etc. I wish everyone a Kindle year.
Back to what I'm working on: Immortal Kiss and a woman's fiction The Upside Of Down- A woman walks in on her husband with another woman. do you think she should forgive him if he apologizes profusely and promises never to do it again? Because she was still in love with him, angry with him but still in love. maybe she would have stayed, maybe. But he never apologized. That wasn't the only thing he had done to her. who likes to be constantly demoralized by their husbands? I see no show of hands. Of course. So, she's on her own. Single mother of two for the first time in her life, she's on her own and scared. She isn't ready to try love again. Not yet. Don't you hate it when you are emotionally unavailable, the perfect man walks into your life. On the outside he's perfect. His voice, his skin, his lips. Oh God, his lips, so beautiful. His eyes holds so much sincerity, but she's still afraid. Will he love only her? Will he stick around until you're ready to love? will he be able to prove that he's a gentleman and not like you know who?
You know we all have our flaws and forgiveness is such a beautiful thing. It actually frees you. I love hugs, I love kisses. But a good hug from someone you love or like, melts away the stress of the day.
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