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Have to keep going

As I said, the world does not stop spinning because one has been dealt a blow no matter where one got the blow.
I have finally finished two books: Immortal Kiss will be on kindle the week of March 5th and I am very excited about this one because I am doing it all by myself. It will also be sold as paperback on Amazon. I have to say this was a lot of work but I am very proud to call it mine. I had a lot of fun writing it and of course fell in love with the hero. Hey, which writer doesn't fall in love with her leading man. He is handsome, charming and every woman's dream even though he's immortal.
The heroine weilds a sword as if she was born with it attached to her arm, and beautiful too. There is a sequel. I haven't come up with a title for the sequel, but I am working hard to get it out soon. I am actually working on my own and it feels terrific but of course scary. My grandmother always said, if you want good you nose have to run. True.
The second novel that I finished is romance: The Upside of Down. This is an interracial book about a young divorced woman with twins finding out how hard it is to go it on her own especially with an ex still hanging around telling her she still needs him. I have sent it out to a publisher, if they reject it, no worries, I'll do it myself.
I have a new sense of purpose that keeps me going against all odds and I feel really good about it.
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