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Things are looking up

Things are looking up for me again. Sometimes all you have to do is hang in there and believe in yourself. No mater what others say, you have to trust yourself. I'm not going to say I never listen to anyone, but I very rarely do what others tell me to do especially if they are not an authority on the subject.
It's been a rough road, but I'm enjoying my writing now more than ever. One reader once took the time to write and tell me that she loves to read interracial books, so you know what I did? (Of course it wasn't instant) I just finished an interracial book titled The Upside Of Down.
As many might know, Immortal Kiss is up on Kindle and will be soon in paperback on Amazon.
I'm not saying I'll never write for a main stream publisher again, but right now I have a kind of freedom that I really love.
It's a really beautiful morning. I just fed my puppies and now I'm looking through my window at the sun and absolutely beautiful blue skies. What's not to like.
Today I'm in love with life.
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