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A pot of gold

At the end of a rainbow you find a pot of gold: really?
I have a small six month old poodle, Tippa. She loves to go no no on any rug or carpet in the house. I also have a chihuahua, Dot. She's a year old. She seems to sit and watch the poodle go no no then... I don't want to tell you what they do after that. At times I have to take the newspaper to both of them. One folded paper doesn't hurt, but it sends a message.
Both dogs sleep in separate beds. It took some doing for Tippa to go into her bed because it's in a doggy play pen that closes. If I don't close her in at nights, you know what she'll do. After a week or so, so goes into her own bed at a certain hour without me telling her to.
You're probably wondering why I'm telling you all this: with hard work comes just reward.
There's a photo of both dogs on the cover of The Upside of Down. Cute.
I'm a little tired after finishing the sequel to Immortal Kiss, Immortal gain, but I must go on. I am working on two other novels. One, chronicling the life of my grandmother and a couple of other women. The other, a romance novel about a young girl struggling to forget a gruesome murder of a family member.

My pot of gold is not at the end of a rainbow but through hard work.

Have a wonderful day.
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