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Good times

You know, I wish I could write a blog every day, but I can't. Don't ask. Maybe it's because I am always busy even when I'm not writing or because I don't have anything insiteful to say. Not sure. But anyway, I'm here today. I'm trying hard to get more well written books out there for my two or three readers and making it possible for you to get them. I'm now on Smashword along with Kindle so no matter what tablet you have, I'm there with you. I'm also trying to link up with paypal so that you can order the physical books from me. See, I'm always thinking of you and how to connect with you. Of course you have my email address so you can always contact me.
To veer off course for a bit, I see so many young people in love, out of love, not knowing what it's like to be loved or how to give love or return it when it's given and frankly it saddens me.
The feeling love gives is so precious, it makes you laugh, cry and of course lose those pesky extra pounds because so many butterflies fill the space where food should be. Just seeing his/her face makes you go soft and gooey inside, right? I love that feeling. If you have it, try to hold onto it as long as you can. There will be obstacles but that's life.
In my books I love happy endings even if the hero and his girl does not end up getting married which they seldom do. I do that on purpose to show that you don't have to marry to show that you love someone. Don't get me wrong, I love marriage, I think it's the best institution in the world, but it's not for everyone and I hate divorce with a passion. See where I'm going there?
Sometimes a good romance book can get you in the mood not just to have sex, but to love each other in the true sense of the word: cuddle, kiss, get lost in each others arms.
More to come.
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