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Who am I? What is my profession

Someone asked me this question the other day.
What is your profession?
without having to think I replied, I'm a writer.
What do you write?
I write romance, fiction, poetry and fantasy.
You are multi-talented?
Like 99% of writers, I replied.
As writers, as soon as you pick up our work we are with you all the way to the end. we are here to entertain you, to lift you when you are down, an arm around your shoulder when you feel sad, happy or indifferent.
Who am I?
First, I am a child of God. I try not to stray too far and if I do I can feel him pulling me back to the fold. It's an awesome feeling.
I am strong, intelligent and compassionate. I will listen when you talk. I will hold you when you cry.
It is not enough just to say I care.. I care.
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