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I'm back! Has it been that long???

I can't believe it has been that long since I wrote on my blog. OMG! I'm not going to say I had nothing to say because I have a lot to say. But right nowI would like to talk about something that infuriates me. The kidnapping of young women up and down this country and abroad.
I don't know who or what to blame: society, parents, the young women themselves? Who or what do we blame? The breakdown of society...the depraved men and women who take part in this travesty.
during my research period, I had to stop a few times and take a break away from it. And although my children are grown they have children of their own. I have to tell you, I don't know what i'd do if one of my grandchildren got caught up in this life.
A CUT ABOVE is a fictional story that tells the life of a young woman who was sold into slavery right here in the good old USA. It's such a horrible thing to happen to a young child that it took me almost a year to write this book that has less than three hundred pages. Some will find parts of this book a bit funny because without levity i could not have gotten through.
Thank you.
On a more pleasant side of life. My daughter just gave birth to a little baby girl. I call her peanut because in my daughter's first trimester I was lucky enough to be in the room when she had a sonogram done. I was so excited to see the baby move, one would think I had never had a child. Anyway, when I saw this precious little angel, I screamed.. OH MY GOD! she looks like a little peanut!! so I call her Peanut. What I love most about this child apart from the fact that she's perfect. (all parents and grandparents think their child is perfect.. don't hate) she breathes, she eats, she sleeps and you know... she poops. I love the way she pulls her legs under her when she falls asleep on her belly. In this position she looks like a perfect little froggy. Oh, I love this little GD. Oh, by the way, I now have two granddaughters. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!
I must apologize for staying away so long. I'll try not to do it again.
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