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Angels around us

It's Thanksgiving day and before you know it will be Christmas. There are many things to be thankful for. I am thankful for life, health, family and friends. Of course, along with my sister Rose, I am cooking again this Thanksgiving. My family is not very large: my two sisters, son, daughter and their spouses, little granddaughter, husband, nephews. You know, my nephew has done fried turkey three years in a row and I have yet to taste the thing. I don't have anything against fried turkey, it's just that we have so much food that by the time the turkey platter comes around my plate is full. My daughter makes the best potato salad; rich, creamy and very tasty, the kind that makes you want to go on a diet the next day. This time of the year we really miss mom who left us four years ago; she had the voice of an angel and now I'm sure she's singing with the angels in heaven. (love always mom)
I pray for the sick to be healed, all diseases cured and that we will see peace around the world in our lifetime.
Much love to all.
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