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This is my favorite time of year

Ok, so it's been a while since I blogged. But forgive me. Between my granddaughter, (who by the way will be two years old next month) and finishing A KISS TO BUILD ON and everything else including working on another book I've been swamped. Maybe I should say, life gets in the way; you

I had a good time working on A KISS. I had it edited twice by two different people and if you are a writer you can understand that hiring a professional editor does not come cheap. Actually, the first one said she had lots of experience editing, but it turned out that was not true at all. I had to reread and reedit then send it to create space to have it professionally edited and they are not cheap even though they did a good job. With the book I'm working on, I've gone back to the Rahjas. Anyone who has read Angel's Paradise, The Other Side Of The Mountain and Through My Daughter's Eyes will know what I'm talking about. I created this close to utopian society in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica that I love to death. I keep going back to them because its probably a place where I'd love to live. Someone once left a review of Angel's Paradise on Amazon saying she expected to see them having sex on every page and smoking marijuana. I didn't build this community to be sex starved marijuana smokers. They are not a boring people either. I think the stories I have created with these people are compelling and spell binding. Anyone can write sex a page. I love to write a compelling story that everyone would like to be a part of... even the love scenes. I don't really have a title for that one yet, but I certainly will let you know when I have one.
I didn't say much about A KISS because I hope you read the description on my page and will buy a copy once it's ready. give me a week or less.
Well, it's Thanksgiving time again. I'm cooking for my family and really looking forward to the celebration. HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE THANKSGIVING. talk soon.

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