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Rainy days

Hi again,

So it has not been too long since I last blogged. LOL. I'm not very good at it. I could never be a professional blogger. Anyway, it's good to be back. Things have been progressing, I finally finished REMEMBER ME. I have to say I'm quite proud of it.

But one thing bugs the hell outa me: I pay a lot of money to editors to edit my work, and it really makes me mad after paying all that money to people with a long list of credentials send back my work with mistakes. Even their own mistakes. Someone reviewed my book MYSTERIES AND SECRETS and said there were a few mistakes in it. I immediately took it down from Amazon and went over the entire thing. I was so disappointed not only with the editors and proofreaders I pay to work on my books, but also with myself. I have a bad habit of not rereading the entire manuscript when it is returned to me. Maybe because I think if I'm going to spend so much money for someone to edit my books, I should get first class work. I actually hate the fact that editing is broken up into segments: copy editing etc. I know one cannot catch every single mistake, but....

On a different note, I am presently working on an audio for MYSTERIES AND SECRETS. I had no idea it was such hard work. It's murder on the eyes. My throat got dry yada yada yada. But once the editing is done, I think it will be great. Dare I say fabulous? I may even go as far as adding music to the audio for more relaxation to my listeners/ readers. You have no idea how excited I am. I actually tried to hire someone to do the audio, but when I listened to the voices I decided to do it myself. HOPE YOU LIKE IT. Oh, beware of the sites you use to get editors and proofreaders. They are not very upfront with their credentials. They make up stories. Just a little FYI from someone who has tried a couple sites. I won't name names.

Oh, another thing: There are not always sexual scenes in my books. I love to write a love story. I like to build up to  sex. First comes love then comes sex. I think sex is a byproduct of love, and the love must come first. I mean, people have sex all the time without love. Do prostitutes fall in love with their johns? Only in Pretty Woman. So as I said, I like to write a love story where the heroine falls in love with the hero, not the heroine first jumps into bed with the hero to see how things go. What do you think? Am I right or am I right? Email me or just comment below. Thanks a lot.

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