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I'm in a good place now

I'm in a new place now. A good place. The way I figure it, instead of waiting for someone to do things for me, I do it myself. You know that old saying; if you want something done right, do it yourself. Even though people think they know you, no one knows you better than you. No one knows all the secrets you never disclose, but you. No one knows what you really can accomplish but you. If you want it badly enough you can do it.
No author likes to get rejection letters and when you get them enough times, you'll finally get the message. And if you're dedicated to your craft, it won't be (time to quit) but time to ramp things up. Push harder. Write better... show them.
I don't remember who wrote the book The Bridges Of Madison County but it took me four hours to read the entire thing. I could not put it down. The writer got so many rejections, he made it his business to go to beauty salons, barber shops and other places to sell his books. It became a best seller and a beautiful movie.
I was with a small publisher then who did a rotten job of my very first book: no it wasn't Angel's Paradise. But I remember the editor saying that Bridges wouldn't do very well. Well, the author showed her... them.
Sometimes you have to take a step back and take another look. What am I doing wrong? Find out what you did wrong and fix it. It may take awhile, but you'll do it.
I just finished another romance novel The Upside of Down about a woman who caught her husband in a compromising position. She knew he had been cheating but because she had not seen it with her own eyes decided to turn her head the other way more times then one. Finally it was time to say enough. With twins, it was hard to say goodbye to a life she'd known for more than ten years, but it was time to move one. She made up her mind to start a new life. In the middle of her new life where she'd promised never to fall in love again, a love she could no longer ignore found her. Fight as she might she could not control her heart.
This is an interracial novel. Find it on Kindle. I'm working on getting it on Create Space so that my two readers who don't have kindle will be able to buy it... still on Amazon.com
Write on my friends. If you get discouraged, drop me an email. I've been where you are.
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