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Have to keep going

As I said, the world does not stop spinning because one has been dealt a blow no matter where one got the blow.
I have finally finished two books: Immortal Kiss will be on kindle the week of March 5th and I am very excited about this one because I am doing it all  Read More 
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Have to keep my chin up. This illustration is from my children's book Ducky Grows Up which is sold on the Nook.
I learned a few months ago that things are not always as they seem. It's one thing after the other. My new book The Other Side Of the Mountain was released in June. I have a signed contract with the publisher and I have not heard from them in five months. Does anyone know if this company has dropped off the face of the earth? Is any other author having problems with them?
I am certainly not going to stress over this because there are ways of dealing with this sort of thing.
But it's hard to write when I have all this on my mind. Hard to concentrate, but I'm hanging in there. Working on another romance The Upside of Down... how ironic, but it's a love story. waiting on my editor with the Paranormal that I'm still working on. Actually, it's in the mail, she was fast. unlike the mail. So, i'm not being idle.
I've adopted not a wait and see attitude but rather patience and understanding for my work. I'm not sure I can understand what is going on with these publishers. How can they take your own material as if it's theirs and violate their own contract. Would you believe this is the second time this has happened to me in less than three years. I trusted this company. You may smile and say never trust a publisher, but i'm stupid that way. I have to trust that the company and people I deal with have scruples. The advance is not much, really, but at least it could have bought more materials, pens, pencils, paper. In the meantime I'm getting residuals from Kindle.  Read More 
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I strive for perfection sometimes to the point of sleeplessness. I wanted my covers to be perfect on Kindle and I knew I couldn't do it all by myself so I kept looking until my very dear friend told me about this amazing man in Jamaica who actually does not realize how talented he  Read More 
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Keep on trucking

Hug someone you like. I mean lay your head on their shoulder hug. And see how it makes you feel. You really have to like the person though.
Okay, so today I'm very jazzed which I can't say for everyday. But I now have three books on Kindle and guess what, I am actually getting paid and it feels good. CLOUD COVER, THE YELLOW ROSE AND BUTTERFLY UNMASKED.
So here's an update to what I am currently doing. I am still working  Read More 
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Quitting is never an option

Still trying to find an agent.
I've always said, being an author is one of the loneliest professions, but it's the one I chose. I know there are a lot of people who think creating a novel is a piece of cake. You write, you get lots of money, you become famous. That is  Read More 
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A New Day

Beautiful, just beautiful
I think one day I'll be brave enough to stand up for myself.
I think one day I'll be able to say I like who I am. I like where I am. I am the most important person in the world. God made me that way and he doesn't make mistakes. And when I can say all those things I'll be ready to love you.  Read More 
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A good walk

I've started walking almost every morning; main reason, to loose some weight, but I find that when I walk even though I have my ipod stuck to my ear, I think about different things; the book I'm presently working one, the people in my life. I have seven good friends, two are my children. The thing is, I don't want someone to come into my life and tell me they know what's best for me. I'm doing fine. If I ask for advise that's when you should talk and believe me, I'll filter your answer. The bottom line is, if you have someone in your life who constantly tries to tell you what to do, it means there's a respect factor involved; figure it out for yourself. People who tend to give unsoliciated advise has cluttered closets; again, figure it out.
I love you. Have a wonderful day. Always strive to be happy. Money does not make you happy; accomplishing something and making someone else happy is like a shot of adrenaline.  Read More 
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Eyes Wide Shut

It's always hard when one goes through changes, doesn't matter what kind.
It's like you're looking but not seeing, running but going nowhere as if you're on a treadmill getting tired but not seeing any results.
Walking and stumbling, not seeing the huge rock in your path, but it's right there mocking you. Read More 
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today, tomorrow and other days

I am going through the edits my agent preseted which pleasantly surprised was not a lot, maybe I do know how to write after all.
Having an off day is not condusive to good writing or any writing for that matter. today is an off day for me. I have a painting in my office done by my Nephew and it depicts an exact scene in what I'm working on.. go figure. He does not know any of my work and I don't discuss anything with him but here it is. Eerie, isn't it. It's clear and sunny yet I'm a little down. I'm sure I'll feel better by the end of the day or tomorrow, because as you know, the writing must go on.
 Read More 
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I will survive

I hope eveyone had a wonderful Christmas. I wish your every dream will come true in the new year. I am working hard to bring my books to you in a timely manner. My latest work The Other Side Of The Mountain will be released by Genesis Press in June 2011.  Read More 
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